Rustic, beautiful, inspiring… are all words that have been used to describe Trancoso, a tiny seaside village on Brazil’s Discovery Coast. Founded by Jesuit priests in the 16th century, it embraced a hippie vibe in the 70s and until recently this historic village was as primitive as it gets; electricity only arrived in 1982, first cash machine arrived in 2004 and until today there is no formal address in the city, if you receive a letter you have to get it at the post office. For a long time, locals bartered rather than pay by cash, money was not a priority in Trancoso, fish and fruits were available year round. The pace of life is slow, revolving between the stunning beaches and the main square, known as the Quadrado.

The Quadrado, a grassy square, is the heart of Trancoso, at the end of the afternoon people come from the beaches and the many shops open. The Church "São João Batista", the second-oldest church in Brazil, stands at one end of the square in front of a 200 meter cliff and a stunning view of kilometers of beaches. There are sixty brightly pastel coloured painted mud and clay squat houses which frame the Quadrado. Traditionally, none of the houses had numbers; locals could identify them by colour alone. Now, many have been converted into art shops, boutiques, and restaurants whose tables spill out onto the green. Have a leisurely lunch and watch the odd horse stroll by as impromptu barefoot soccer games are played out in front of you at dusk. In the early afternoon, most visitors head for the beach, leaving the square deserted except for the hippie handmade jewellery sellers and a lone coconut vendor, who sets up by the church.

On the 20th of January Trancoso celebrates  Saint Sebastian`s day (Video below). Locals get together for a 24 hour party and collective lunch. The old local natives sing in a tradition that is more than a 100 years old. Welcome to Trancoso!

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