Trancoso offers many different options of restaurantes. At night the square is lit with candelight and subdued lighting making the restaurants more than an eating experience. If one has not had lunch on the beach then during daylight it is very pleasurable to sit at one of the native restaurantes ( Silvana, Victoria or Sabor da Bahia on the historical square  and watch  life go by. Strongly recomend muceca of fish, prawns, octupus and varied sea foods.  For night time dinning there are unlimeted options.
I recomend my favourites,

Capim Santo (our neighbours for diner)
El Gordo (for lunch or diner)
Cacau (for diner)
Portinho (a self service for lunch that you pay by the kilo)
Sabor da Bahia (lunch or diner)
Alcina (cheap typical Brazilian home made food, rice, beans, salad, fish, meat or chicken)
Japenese (very fresh fish)

GRAVATA:   open on Sundays frequented by the people who live here and are in the know.

For entetainment there is Sao Bras which plays Forro a Brazilian style of music and dancing with good live bands.
Para Raio has light dining and international music.
Le Pop Clube open till very late in the morning shows good films and international music.

During the high season there are lots of full moon parties on the beach
Tostex and Oxua on the beach have day time and night time parties.

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