The nearest convenient commercial airport to Trancoso is 60 minutes away at Porto Seguro (BPS), with daily connections to and from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Belo Horizonte and other Brazilian cities.

Most major European airlines fly to Brazil: British Airways and TAM direct from London; KLM, Air France, Tap/Air Portugal, Iberia are many of the European airlines that fly to Brazil. Many flights arrive in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro early in the morning from where there are convenient connections to Porto Seguro with GOL and TAM. The same international and domestic airlines serve Salvador. Small companies fly this route mainly in the high season as TripOcean Air and Azul.

Visitors who would like to spend a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo may prefer to do so on their way home as flight times are more convenient. Salvador can be visited en-route to Trancoso.

The drive from the airport to the Hotel takes about 1 hour and cost R$160,00 each way for up to 4 people (Official price from the Taxi Association).

There is also a 1500 meters private landing strip at Trancoso for small jet planes. At the same place you can find a Helipad.

If you would like to rent a car we suggest the companies below, you can pick up and deliver your car at the airport:

By Bus to Trancoso:

Hourly buses depart conecting Trancoso with Arraial d’Ajuda and the ferry dock and run from 7:15am to 8pm (50 minutes). Many informal Vans run the same route for the same price. Two buses a day travel between Trancoso and Porto Seguro (Two hours). It is also possible to walk the entire beautiful 13km  beach from Arraial D’Ajuda, but be cautious about carrying valuables or walking alone during hours when the beaches are deserted. For further connections north or south, head for Eunápolis (2½ hours, five daily) on Hwy BR-101.