Bahia - Brazil

TRANCOSO is a small district of Porto Seguro on the southern coast of Bahia, which has the beginning of its history with the arrival of Jesuit missionaries in the 16th century.

In the late 70's, it was discovered by hippies who were in search of a place with exuberant nature and values different from those found in large cities. At the beginning there was practically no circulation of money in Trancoso, barter, or exchange, was the way to obtain basic items necessary for survival.

Electric power only arrived in 1986 and is not yet available throughout the city. The first bank teller only arrived in 2004 and until today Trancoso does not have mailing address throughout the city, and part of the population has to go to the mail to check if a letter has arrived.

The city continues in a slow pace and life revolves around the beaches and the central square known as Quadrado (Square).

The Quadrado is the heart of Trancoso. In the morning everyone is on the beaches and in the late afternoon go up to the central square.

Most shops and restaurants only open after 4 PM. At the end of the square is the church of São João Batista, the second oldest in Brazil. After the church one can observe the whole coast until Arraial D'ajuda in a panoramic viewpoint.

On full moon nights this place is filled with people who have the privilege of seeing the moon rise in the sea. The square is a grassy in rectangular format has colorful houses on both sides, a preserved heritage of Jesuit colonization, and today houses a myriad of boutiques, restaurants and craft shops.

Following tradition people gather in the late afternoon and watch the traditional game of football and horses grazing lazily at sunset.